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Drum Lifter-LM800(Manual Type)

One-person Operation saves time,reduces spilling waste,and improves productivity.
Simply attach or hang lifter on hook from an overhead hoist or crane,cinch saddle around drum,and raise to desired height and position.
Lift,transport and pour from open and closed head drum.

Manual Type
800lbs.full drum,500lbs.half-full drum capacity.

For 55-gallon closed steel drums.

Idea for low lever pouring and dumping operations.

Positive tilt lock on drum saddle to hold drum upright in transit.
When released,the operator can manually tilt the drum to control pouring an the drum can be rotated 360in either direction.
Locks also hold drum in horizontal position.
Overall dimensions:39''H28.5''W 8''D
Net weight 20kg/44lbs.

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