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Electric Tugs - SM1000N and SM1500N

Applications: For moving any roling objects such as Dolleys, Trolleys&Roll Cages in warehouses, workshops, supermarkets etc...
Emergency Brake
Onboard Charger
Non-marking Wheel Available as option
Safety Horn
Adjustable Handle
Range of Adjustable Grippers Available-Customsied for Your Applications


Model SM1000N SM1500
Driving Motor DC motor 24V, 400W DC motor 24V, 600W
Traction Capacity 1000kg 1500kg
Travel Speed 0~6km/hour
Speed Controller Curtis Brand,and Speed and acceleration are freely programmable
Battery 24V/24Ah 24V/36Ah
Charger (built-in) 24V/3A 24V/5A
Tires Solid Dia.250X85 Solid Dia.250X85
Weight inclucding battery 125kg 190kgs
Width 460mm 550mm
Length without hook 895mm (handle in lowerest position) 900mm
Handle height Adjustable 910~1290mm 1000-1350mm
Fold in height 980mm 1000mm
Standared provided with Battery, Battery Charger, Standared Hook
Opions Spare battery, Special Hooks, No-marking Solid Tyre


Electric Tug with automatic gripping & height adjustment

This option can provide you with automatic gripping and height adjustment together or individually, this is obviously a great innovation comparing with traditional electric tugs, and double increase the efficiency.
This is very compact design makes the machine extreme maneuverable and very easy to take it with you in bus, car or truck or any vehicles.
High quality Curtis speed controller, which is programmable according to your require.

Model °° SM1000N-AG SM1000N-AH
Function Auto Gripping Auto Height Adjustment
Voltage (V) 24 24
Gripping Speed (mm/s) 10 -
Max°£Gripping Force (kg) 240 -
Lifting Speed (mm/s) - 10
Lifting Capacity (kg) - 120
Current Rate-lifting (A) - 4
Current Rate-lowing (A) - 2
Location Mode °° by sensor by sensor
Gripping Force Adjustment °° by spring °°


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